Meet the Artist

Welcome to GrayArt!

Grace Brown is the truly gifted artist behind GrayArt. It's her love for creating beautiful things, and ability to realize her creativity through paint in ways that inspire the rest of us mere mortals, that makes GrayArt possible. Of course, having her husband/webpage administrator/display builder Peter around also helps keep the ship afloat.

Grace loves to embody joy, sentiment, and tranquility through art, giving new life to an old memory, a special place, or forgotten feeling. Her artistic focus of late has been acrylic on glass, with a whimsical painting style that brings out hidden depth in the glass.

There are a variety of other artistic realms Grace intends to venture into through GrayArt, including acrylic and canvas landscapes, word art, and hand painted signs.

To see what Grace has been painting lately, drop by an upcoming show, we'd love to see you there!