How To: Hang a Piece

1) Open the package, and gather the required tools: a pencil, tape measure, hammer, and green Robertson screwdriver.

2) To avoid leaving fingerprints on the glass, put on the gloves. Place the piece on the wall in the desired location, and mark the center of the bottom edge using a pencil.

3) Measure from the edge where the clips will be placed (in this example, 2" from either edge). Ensure the chosen location will not cover the painting in any of the corners.

4) Mark the horizontal locations of the 2 bottom clips on the wall using the tape measure.

5) Measure down from the ceiling to the location of the initial center marking. Measure the vertical location of the clip markings from Step 4, and ensure the vertical distance is the same. Adjust markings as necessary.

6) Optional: check markings using a level.

7) Using the provided screws and a hammer, make small holes in the drywall for the 2 bottom clips.

8) Using a screwdriver and hammer, enlarge the holes.

9) Using the hammer and provided drywall plugs, insert them into the 2 holes.

10) Use an eraser to remove all visible pencil lines.

11) Get 2 of the provided screws, clear clips, and a green Robertson screwdriver.

12) Insert the screws into the clips such that the gap will be left against the wall for the glass piece to sit in.

13) Using a Green (#2) Robertson screwdriver, turn the screw into the drywall plug, through the clip.

14) Repeat for the 2nd bottom clip. Rotate the clips into the correct position (leaving the gap for the glass on the top), tighten the screws such that the clips do not turn freely.

15) Carefully place the glass piece in the 2 bottom clips, be sure to hold the piece in place so it does not fall.

16) Measure to ensure the clips are equally spaced from the edges.

17) Mark the positions on the wall of the clips for the top edge of the piece.

18) Shift the marked position upwards by a millimetre, so the glass piece will be able to be inserted easily.

19) Position a clip such that the gap is downwards, and the top marking lines up with the bottom edge of the smaller clip section that is against the wall.

20) With the clip held in place, mark the position of the screw through the hole in the clip using a pencil. Repeat for the 4th clip.

21) Repeat Steps 7-14 for the 2 top clips.

22) Carefully slide the piece into position. (Note: if there isn't space available to slide the piece into place, remove the two top clips, place the piece in place, then screw the top clips back in.

23) You're done!